How to install free SSL on wordpress site

How to install free SSL on wordpress site

Steps to install free SSL on wordpress –

  1. Firstly make new account on cloudflare .
  2. Now Signup/Sign-in via your registered email id with your domain name.
  3. Click on add site and file your domain details.
  4. After that choose free plan and click continue.
  5. Now proceed and select dns options.
  6. Now select cloudflare nameservers and change it with your domain registrar nameserver settings.
  7. Click continue and choose Flexible mode there .
  8. Now go to your wordpress site and add cloudflare plugin in it.
  9. Now signin with your account with the API in plugin settings in cloudflare.
  10. You can get your API from cloudflare home in the bottom right of your dashboard.
  11. Boom you are done with free SSL , now within 15-20 mins your website will be live with free SSL.

If you are facing some problems with the Free SSL installation you may go with this video tutorial

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